In 2004 UPAL National received a LEAP grant from U.S. Department of Housing of Urban Development. Lead Elimination Action Program

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Richmond Panelists

How does one commit to a life focused on social justice?

A distinguished panel of long-time social activists and social justice advocates from the Richmond area.

Debra Susan Abbott has been a social justice activist since the 1960s. In 2002 she co-founded the Stillwater Institute for Social Justice, which provides training for non-profits, schools, and faith-based organizations on dismantling the ism's. For twenty-five years she worked at the Monticello Area Community Action Agency, where she focused on community organizing and development in rural Virginia. Through the Virginia Community Action Partnership she works across the state on various anti-hunger and poverty initiatives.

Zakia Rafiqa Shabazz is an author, educator, entrepreneur, lecturer, and mother of five. Since 1996 she has directed United Parents Against Lead (UPAL), a national organization headquartered in Richmond and focused on assisting and empowering the parents of lead-poisoned children. Through her work with UPAL, Ms. Shabazz has become an advocate for linking the problem of lead poisoning with the persistent problems of racism and poverty.

Edward H. Peeples is Professor Emeritus of Preventive Medicine and Community Health at VCU. He has been on the front lines of civil rights and racial justice struggles since the 1950s. Though a white Richmonder, he spontaneously joined African-American students in Richmond's first sit-in to protest "whites only" policies at the Thalhimer's Department Store. He organized volunteer educators and professionals to teach African-American students in Prince Edward County where public schools were closed for five years by white segregationists. His life since has been one of intense dedication to similar issues as an activist, advocate, and academic.

Glyn Hughes, coordinator


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