In 2004 UPAL National received a LEAP grant from U.S. Department of Housing of Urban Development. Lead Elimination Action Program

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Lead Safe Housing Registry - Richmond

Lead Safe Housing Registry - Petersburg

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LEAP Services & Activities

Community Education, Outreach and Training

Our outreach method is designed to touch all parts of the community. Our grassroots outreach initiative involves the organizing and training of faith and community based organizations to conduct community outreach and education. These organizations will be the contact points within neighborhoods and will be responsible for disseminating information throughout the community. We will conduct community meeting, special events and training activities at local partnering churches and at meeting and events within the community.

UPAL organizations will also perform outreach by making presentations at meetings of landlords, property managers, churches, parent and teachers associations, and at community events program. Our effort to expand membership in and increase the capacity of UPAL member organizations is key in insuring that the fight against lead continues especially in underserved areas. Part of our strategy is to form a UPAL chapter in Petersburg, VA. The city of Petersburg has a poor accreditation rating of its public school system. Our intent is to show a connection between lead poisoned children and failing schools in Petersburg in an effort to leverage support from the Petersburg school board and locally elected officials as we have demonstrated in the City of Richmond. One initiative will work with Parent Teacher Associations and Churches to provide LEAP Scholarships to students who have overcome lead poisoning or have volunteered within the LEAP Program. The PTA's would be required to match private funds raised for this purpose.

Promotions will be done through traditional methods by using paid and public service advertisements on radio, television and in newspapers as well as the UPAL newsletter which will be online interactive as well as printed and distributed. Other educational/promotional material will include:

  • "A Child is A Terrible Thing to Waste" with Audio, CD, DVD and Video versions
  • Booklets -
  • i. "Now that my child has been poisoned by lead. . . A parents guide for overcoming lead poisoning"

    ii. Lead Source Assessment Guide to help families find the lead before their child does

    iii. Find the Lead Before Your Child Does stickers

    We will develop promotional literature for each initiative. We will also sponsor "The LEAD Awareness Fair and Block Party" as our annual event in April both as a fundraiser and to educate the public.

    It is anticipated that more than 100 Lead Dust Buster Trainings will be provided. Other activities planned:

  • Form at least two new UPAL chapters, one in Columbus, Ohio and one in Petersburg, Virginia; and strengthen the youth component (Youth Against Lead)
  • Form collaborations with at least 15 faith and community based organizations.
  • Coordinate Lead INFO Fair and Block Party in April during Lead Awareness Month
  • Develop Mobile Training Unit and provide on site training to UPAL chapters both inside and outside of Virginia.
  • Provide assistance and job opportunities to Section 3 residents and businesses.
  •  Lead Hazard Control Activities / Relocation Strategy

    100 residential units will receive a combination of interim controls and lead hazard reduction measures to make homes lead-safe for children. Towards eliminating lead as a public health threat to children we will:

  • Conduct lead hazard control measures on at least 100 residential units.
  • Acquire and Rehabilitate the UPAL "Safe House" and provide emergency housing to up to 25 families in the first year (2005).
  • Relocation - It is anticipated that 80 to 100 families will require relocation. Relocation stipends are budgeted at $1,000 per family and will take place commensurate with the degree of interim control measure to be applied. Residents will meet with staff responsible for relocation in advance to document any special needs. Relocation files will be maintained for all families who participate in the program and whose residences undergo lead hazard control measures. UPAL National will ensure that the temporary housing is decent, sanitary and lead safe. The cost for meals, transportation and other associated relocation costs will be paid by this grant to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses to the families.

    Lead Safe Housing Registry

    Data has been gathered for a Lead Safe housing registry in Richmond and Petersburg, VA using the list of properties that are currently in non-compliance after having received notices of violations. This data will be maintained and updated and shared as public information and forwarded to HUD and EPA to assist with enforcement efforts. The registry will make it clear those properties that have been made lead safe and received compliance certificates. As a public service this listing will be made available to families with children as lead-safe units to rent or purchase.

    Mobile Training Unit

    UPAL National, Inc. will work with UPAL Chapters who do not have the capacity to do lead hazard control work. A Richmond, Virginia crew will be assembled and made available to provide training, technical assistance and hands on supervision of lead hazard control projects in communities where there are UPAL chapters. Each community that receives these services will identify a local contractor who is certified or who agrees to complete the necessary training to become certified. In addition, UPAL National will designate a site supervisor.

    Assessment - The team from UPAL National will make two visits to assess the target housing and to meet with the local contractor and site supervisor. This will provide an opportunity for the team to spend time reviewing the proposed work plan and outlining the necessary documents and steps needed before work can begin. A time line will be established for accomplishing the preliminary tasks and for the lead hazard control project. It may be necessary for the local contractor and the site supervisor to visit an existing project to have an opportunity to observe. This will not always be necessary but could be important if this is the first lead project that the contractor and/or site supervisor have performed.


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